Monday, June 12, 2006

All about me

Thought I'd put a picture of me up instead of a quilt so you can all see what this mad English woman looks like that you've been reading all this verbal diarrhoea from. This a photo of my little sister and I at our baby brother's wedding (I'm the one with the red top) - she's the pretty brunette (VBG) It was taken September '04 and sadly I have gained about 30lbs since then :o( - still I'll keep on with the swimming

I caught this ABC of me on Calico Cat's blog and it looked fun to do and made me think a little more closely about how others perceive me - have a go if you wish to be tagged - don't bother if you can't be bothered :o)

Accent – Good old Yorkshire ‘Eeh bye ‘eck, with a little of whoever I’m talking to or spending time with thrown in as I very quickly pick up other peoples twang

Booze – Partial to Cointreau but only very very long and well watered down with lemonade and only very occasionally as I was seriously ill with pancreatitis about three years ago so treat my pancreas with more than a bit of respect

Chore I hate – Scrubbing the bath – it’s all that stretching plays havoc with my sciatica and as fast as you clean it some rotter comes along and dirties it again – eh? must be something to do with all that rugby!

Dog/cat - neither – don’t you think three kids are enough animals for any one house? – but seriously me and the kids would love a cat – dad just won’t give in and it has to be a unanimous decision

Essential electronics - Computer, digital camera, pre-set oven timer

Favorite perfume – Diorella by Christian Dior or Cristalle by Chanel – both very lemony scents – my favourite type of smell

Gold/silver – probably gold – expensive tastes although I do have quite a bit of silver.

Hometown – born in Doncaster, South Yorkshire, England but spent my formative years in Ilkley on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales so that’s really where I consider home

Insomnia – only very, very occasionally – so I get up and hand stitch until I feel drowsy

Job title – temporary school secretary – would love to be permanent – any offers? :o)

Kid(s)- three wonderful monsters

Living arrangements – four bed detached UK estate house which means smallish rooms and tiny garden with very close neighbours – land is at a real premium here

Most admirable trait – Can usually see the positive side of most things

Number of countries visited – 14 – but most of those are in Europe which is a quick hop across the water from here so not so impressive

Overnight hospital stays – three kids by caesarean and lots of run of the mill operations – nothing particularly exciting but I guess I’ve had my money’s worth out of the National Health Service

Phobias – really, really don’t like unfenced edges like harbours – give me the shudders and doubly so if the kids go near them

Quote – Always look on the bright side of life :o)

Religion – Christian – Methodist but don’t go as often as I’d like – fitting it in amongst the kids commitments along with not really finding a new church down here that lights my fire are the feeble excuses as I do miss it - sadly DH can take or leave organised religion with the emphasis on leave so we don't have total family commitment which also makes it harder

Siblings – As eldest of three I have a younger sister by 3.5 years and a younger baby brother by 9 years.

Time you usually wake – 7am with the alarm, 8 – 8.30am if left to my own devices

Unusual talent – I can touch the end of my nose with my tongue – totally useless but unusual nevertheless....

Vegetable I refuse to eat – raw onion – just can’t stand it and peppers which make me vomit literally! Yeeuuchhh!

Worst habit – my kids would say repeating myself – erm that would be repeating myself – oh and yes I do tend to repeat myself

X-rays – several on arthriticky joints.

Yummy foods I make – I think I’m a reasonable cook – my kids and DH always come back for more and I make a wicked Cinnamon and Whisky Cake.

Zodiac – Taurus the bull – tendency towards stubbornness – maybe this should be the answer to the worst habit question :o)

All a bit of fun and a good time waster when I should be cooking 'bangers and mash' for tea - that's English (and very probably Yorkshire) for farm shop scrummy sausages and mashed/creamed potatoes with garden peas because they're easy and all the kids will eat them


Tracey said...

This has been so much fun to read!! And the pic of you and your sister is wonderful. Your beautiful!
We seem to have quite a few things in common...and I love learning more about you and where you live. "Bangers and mash"..LOL!

joyce said...

It's nice to put a face to the comments. THanks for sharing the photo with us.

Pam said...

That is a great picture. I loved reading your ABC's

My husband and I have been to the Yorkshire Dales - there were quite a few times we had no idea what was being said to us!! What a wonderful place it is. It was May and it snowed.

YankeeQuilter said...

Bangers and mash! I haven't heard that since I was a Mom used to make it. I had a lot of fun reading your post. Thanks.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Anne, how nice to "meet" you! What nice smiles you and your sister have!
I had great fun reading your ABCs -- you are so funny!!! -- and I'm going to work on mine in a while.

kim said...

That is lovely- both the picture and the ABC's. That's a neat idea! I have really enjoyed reading your blog! Thank you for the comment you made on mine, I am sorry for your loss. You are right about when He needs someone. I believe everything has it's time and place, even though it isn't always easy. Thanks.

Screen Door said...

I think You're beautiful....We all could always we thinner, blonder,maybe have a better tan, but is it really worth it??? enjoy life.


Linda_J said...

Pleased to meet you, Anne! Always fun to find out that we are not so different after all no matter where we live.

Now we can put face with your notes when we see them, thank you. Where were you and your sis going all decked out in your lovely hats? Some place fun, I hope.

Good for you on the swimming too.

Dawn said...

Your picture is beautiful! And I had such fun learning more about you in your ABC's!

Passionate Quilter said...

I loved reading your ABC's--I've enjoyed your comments on my blog and finally got around to visiting yours. You are a stitch--I read your ABC's with an "accent"--I could almost here you talking. Nice to know you!

The Calico Cat said...

nice to "meet" you. Care to share the Whiskey & cinnamon cake recipe?