Monday, June 05, 2006

Talking Double Dutch

Oh Poooo - I'm really kicking myself - I've been to our monthly Quilt Talk Group meeting this evening to listen to Ineke Berlyn give her talk "Double Dutch" and I forgot to take my camera so can't show you any of her awesome work. The dratted blogger won't let me sneak a picture of the front cover of her up and coming book either so I'm thwarted at every turn - drat! Maybe if you put her name into Amazon you'll get a picture on this link: - who knows about the vagaries of computers grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

She's a dutch lady who married an English rugby player over 25 years ago and settled here so that made me prick up ny ears for starters. Her opening gambit was that she hardly saw her husband sober in their first few meetings which raised lots of laughs and broke the ice.

We were treated to an impromptu fashion show during the talk as she explained about dutch national costumes and proceeded to dress up in them whilst showing us examples of her work.

She has developed from traditional quilts through traditionally constructed quilts with contemporary designs right up to the most exquisite wall hangings made from crystal organze and fine tulle which had an ethereal quality and were truly beautiful

I came home really inspired to 'have a go' and play!

I've stitched and halved all of my bullseye base blocks and stitched them back together ready to cut and swap again to make the final blocks - this is such a quick and fun way to make a quilt


YankeeQuilter said...

Sounds like a fun talk! Are the edges on the bullseyes finished or unfinished? I like blocks that you make large then cut them up again (though it makes no sense at all to my DH!)

Fiona said...

Bullseyes are looking good - at ths rate you'll have the top finished by the end of the week (if not sooner).

anne bebbington said...

Unfinished - errrrrrrr should I have finished them then? oh dear - no I'm sure Jeanne said leave them so they fluff up in the washing machine - or at least that's what I thought she said ;o)

Simonetta said...

Hi Anne,the Bullseyes be a great beautiful job!!!! Very compliments :)))

KCQuilter said...

I'm LOVING your bullseyes! Wow, you are speedy. I have two completed! My goal is to sew up one completed bullseye a day (4 blocks before quartering) but I need to do the math to see how many I will eventually need. I'm going to use mine as a sofa throw.

Dawn said...

Oh what a fun talk that sounds like. Aren't talks like that fun to go to!