Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Just feeling a little smug :o)

I made a very impressive discovery tonight when I took DD1 for her swimming lesson - I had assumed that the pool I've been swimming in for the past four days was a 25yd pool - common assumption - many of them are in the UK.

However when I was waiting at the end of the lesson for her to get changed I was casually reading the bumph on the noticeboards - as you do.

Amazingly the pool is in actual fact 33metres long!

So - to save you all the working out - this means that over the past four days I've swum a grand total of 27,090 inches more than I thought I had - now how impressive is that.

That works out at 752.5 yards which is almost half a mile. No wonder I feel soooo knackered!!! Over the past four days I've actually swum 23.3333 kms - almost the English Channel - I'll have to go and have a lie down just thinking about that one!

Thought I'd post a pic from the internet of a swimmer to be topical - sadly I couldn't find any of them with a good enough six-pack according to my daughter - plenty of naked women swimming (Google - what are you on?) but no men - what does that say about the internet? :o)

Right I'd better go and get my beauty sleep - goodnight all.


Jeanne said...

Whew -- waaaay too much arithmetic for me, but I'm proud of you for doing that much swimming!!!
Jeanne :)

kim said...

Congratulations to you! That's like finding extra money in your pocket. You deserve to kick up your feet and take a long rest. Good job!

joyce said...

Good going with the swimming. Wish we had a pool here, and that I knew how to swim.

YankeeQuilter said...

You go girl!! That is great news...think of all the extra calories you burned.

Dawn said...

geez - I"m tired just reading about how much swimming you've done!