Saturday, June 03, 2006

Summer arrives in Taunton - for now!

As I haven't been too productive on the stitching front the past couple of days I thought I'd share some more of the antique quilts from the York exhibition with you - real eye candy.

The weather has finally come around to believing it might well be summer over here - the temperature was probably around 25 degrees C today which is quite warm for here and the clouds were almost non-existent.

The two youngest children spent most of the afternoon in a neighbours garden having water fights in their mammoth paddling pool whereas my parents spent the day trying to crawl under a rock to keep cool - funny how the two ends of the age range view heat so differently.

I spent part of the afternoon on our bed having a nap as I woke at 5.30 this morning and just couldn't get back to sleep so got up and did some handstitching in the quiet - a rarity with a houseful!

I spent a good part of yesterday planting out bedding plants to give our juvenile garden a splash of colour this year before the new shrubs and perennials get established.

Stitching wise I did potter a little yesterday adding a little more to the pale pink, pale green and white offering that was going to be a wall hanging but may well have graduated to delusions of grandeur and be heading for cot quilt status :o)

I also managed to stitch quite a few more hexagons onto my sofa throw and am now almost half way round the penultimate border row - so a picture of that may be forthcoming a little sooner than I thought.

My parents go home tomorrow and I shall miss them, but it is always nice to get your home back to yourselves again - peace, perfect peace - or it would be with out the kids :o) Bless 'em!


YankeeQuilter said...

Love the quilts...thanks so much for the photos! Summer over there sounds so much more "civilized" than what we deal with. Today was in the mid-90's and even though I was only in the yard a few minutes I got a sunburn!

Leah S said...

I love the log cabin one!

Mid-90s here too. I happily hide in my quilting room. :)

KCQuilter said...

The antique quilts are stunning. Thanks for sharing!

aikentoquilt said...

Thank you so much for posting more pictures of the York Quilts. They have really made me reminisce about my my trip to England last year, and I am very anxious to return.

Dawn said...

Oh the quilts from the York exhibit are so wonderful! You have so much fun things posted! I"ll be up all night!

Lucy said...

I LOVE the quilts.. They are so inspiring! Thank you for sharing them !!