Friday, June 09, 2006

The blue bullseyes beckon

Just a quickie as the shower beckons ( this blogging is addictive) - here is the start of the blue bullseye quilt I was toying with - the box of jumble also pictured is my 'alterations pile' with several new blue shirts that need turning from long sleeved to short - so tempting to just chop them up and include them in this quilt - I so love shirting plaids! - Don't think DH would appreciate that although he has been waiting for these altering since last summer - obviously they (or he) hasn't shouted loud enough to be heard over the quilting fabric :o)

Right got to go or else I'll be both smelly and late for work - not a good impression to make even on a temporary placement!


Tracey said...

Well look at YOU go, girlie!! You'll have this quilt done in no time! It's look GREAT!! I love shirting plaids as well. :o)

Have a wonderful day!

Fiona said...

Looking good in blues - isn't it funny how we love to sew quilt tops and yet I have shirts I haven't worn for months because there's a button missing and I can't find the enthusiasm to sew it back on.

Judy said...

Love the bulls eye quilts...both of them! I love your extra big quilting foot. I work with the smaller one and it does get a little tight. I'll have to search for the larger one!!