Friday, June 30, 2006

Nothing's ever wasted - and look what Santa brought me a little late :o)

Well the 'm' came in useful for Jamie Carragher - as Tonya said it would - thank goodness it wasn't an 'x' - you don't get to use many of those - except of course for Xabi Alonso but that would have to be a capital letter :o)

The other picture shows my new extension table - a very overdue joint Christmas and Birthday present from December and April - well the money from that paid a good proportion of it anyway.

It arrived by courier this afternoon so of course I had to have a play and chose Jamie to christen it :o)

It's taking a little getting used to but I'm sure will be invaluable especially when I come to quilt that ostrich.


quiltpixie said...

I recently bought an extension for my machine too... I hadn't realized what a big difference it would make, but I'm really glad I own it now

Finn said...

Super...I hear such good things from people that have those extentions...should make the big stuff easier. I see I am very behind on my reading at your blog, sorry about that and my computer woes. The names are coming along soooo well! Still, such a big untaking..I'm impressed!

Leah S said...

Your extension table looks great! I have one myself - I find that it hurts my wrist to use it for regular piecing, but for free-motioning, it's absolutely wonderful!

Pam said...

Well -- sounds like I need me one of thoses. I don't know if I've ever seen them for Pfaff machines though.

Looks like the names are coming along wonderfully. How is the swimming going?

Tonya R said...

Name looks fabulous, of course. you are such a whiz at this. I have extension table envy now.