Thursday, June 15, 2006

Up the reds!

Just had time last night (in and among swimming with the kids - only managed 16 lengths as I had to share supervision with DD1 = and the usual chores) to stitch up a few more bullseye base blocks and cut them into four ready for arranging and assembling.

However just before it was time for bed the creative juices crept up on me with the red fabric. I actually ended up washing it twice with one of those colour catchers. The first one came out quite red, the second time it was only very vaguely pink - so I think I've cracked that. I'm glad I did wash it twice though. Pink letters on a football quilt wouldn't have been particularly masculine.

As you can see from the picture I made a start on the lettering with the first four letters of Liverpool. Amazingly I've managed to get them all a similar size which while not essential would be quite nice if only for the main word. DS spotted it this morning on my cutting bench and grinned from ear to ear. In favour there then. DD2 seems none the worse for wear after her brush with the 'scissors of doom' yesterday so we've all survived that little trauma - thank goodness!

Only working 'til 1 pm today so I'm off to - guess where - yes you got it, the swimming pool again - getting addictive this now :o) Right better round them all up for school!


Tonya R said...

Completely understandable not wanting pink on the quilt for your son. Color Catchers can help after bleeding has occured but better to not chance it.

Letters look great. Bet the practise sampler helped give you a feel for how big the letters end up.

At least the gum in your daughter's hair was towards the END of the plait not the top.

Bonnie said...

Went back in your blog to read your posts. What fun! I love your bullseye scrappy quilt - and your ABC's. You have so many good stories.

Fiona said...

I am NOT showing this to my DS - he might expect something similar and I'm not sure I'm up to letters yet ;-)

Dawn said...

Oh how fun you got the smile of approval from DS! That is always a good feeling! Your letters look great! And thank goodness you survived the scissors ordeal!

Helen in the UK said...

You've made a great start on those letters. Bet you're glad you washed that red thoroughly. I must admit to washing all quilt fabric before I add it to the stash and it is surprising which ones bleed - reds, blues, greens, blacks - I've had them all at one time or another :)