Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A sunny garden and the complexities of blogging!?!?

You know - I am a bit of a technophobe - I'm quite happy to stick new pictures and lots of verbal diarrhoea that people may or may not find interesting onto my blog - but that really is as far as it goes. I just don't get it when things either don't happen how I expect or I come across a situation, computerwise, where I don't understand what to do. Out comes the 'Oh my word!!!' hands in the air reaction and I give up and go and do something that I can touch - like fabric! :o)

I do so like things that are tangible

I started trying to upload a couple of photos last night of a little snuggly I made for Lulu my youngest - would it let me - naaaah!

So I saved the draft and went to bed - slept on it, the computer might play ball in the morning.

Lo and behold it did and I posted - to then lose the post?? - couldn't find anything after my completed bullseye picture.

Totally confused went to stroke fabric to get some semblance of normality back into my life and then realised it (we're on first name terms here you know) had stuck it in before the bullseyes - duh! non comprendez!!!!

In retrospect I suppose because I'd saved the draft before I posted the bullseyes it then stuck the completed post in in that position ????

Anyway for those of you who don't usually scroll back but want to see Lulu's snuggly - it's tough - you'll just have to scroll down - don't blame me - it's the bleeeeep computer!!! :o)

This morning in Taunton it is a glorious English summer day, sun shining, wall to wall blue sky, bees buzzing - and all's right with the world. Extra nice, I have a day off - my current placement is only for Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday each week.

Without wishing to sound greedy it would have been nicer to have Monday off as then I could go to my morning quilt group but hey beggars can't be choosers.

The next couple of weeks will be a touch more frenetic as I am at another school (one I've been to before) on holiday cover for those days but will do Wednesdays for my present school as they are desperate (must be!) so no days off for a couple of weeks :o( However then it's back to status quo up to the start of the six week summer break on the 26th July - yippee!!

Had a quick perambulate around the estate this morning - that took all of four and a half minutes - English gardens, particularly with modern houses, are rather small - but I did take a few shots to share.

The poppy is not true to colour - it is just the brightest red you can imagine - nature comes up with, and combines, colours far more 'in your face' than even we quilters would dare, and gets away with it every time.

The foxglove has two mates along side it that are the usual deep pink/mauve colour but I really like this peachier one.

The aliums have grown much to my surprise as I've never tried them before and got my dad to plant them in pots last autumn when the 'wrinklies' were down the last time to give him something he could manage and still be able to feel useful - the flowers are like little stars twinkling away there and make me smile each time I see them.

The jungle in the fourth photo doesn't make me smile anything like as much - it's the product of birds dropping seeds when they've been gorging on the feeders. A friend told me that the garden seeds that don't sell go into making up wild bird feed the following year - so I thought I'd let them grow and see what cropped up. Mmm bad decision!

With the exception of a few very healthy looking sunflowers, which are a bonus, a forest of weeds is all that I've got! - why can't birds have a little tidier table manners - so that lot will have to come out - another job taking up valuable quilting time.

My DH has a very grumpy head on him at present - he thinks I spent an inordinate amount of time "bloody sewing!!!" - that is a direct quote. So the stitching today will have to be in and amongst other more boring things around the house - can't see the problem myself but there you go:o) I shall spend some of it on obvious clutter spots so at least it looks like I've made an impact, but I would like to try and get the borders onto my bullseye quilt - we'll see, right I'm off to tidy the kitchen :o(


Lois R. said...

Hi Anne. Thanks for the comments on my blog.

The pics of your flowers are so pretty. How lucky you are to have what everyone else (outside England) only dreams of -- an English Garden! And your bullseye is gorgeous! I'll be checking back for more gardening pics and of course more quilting. Love your work.

Here's the trick to getting your Lulu's snuggly post to go where you want it: Blogger puts your posts in date/time order, with most recent on top. It goes by the date/time the post was originally started, not the time you finished and posted. If you want to force a post to show above another, you have to change the date/time. To do that, click the "Post and Comment Options" link at the bottom of the Compose tab. That gives you the opportunity to change the date/time, as well as some other options.

Dawn said...

Oh your flower pictures are wonderful! We have a nice garden of weeds at the moment!! :)