Monday, June 12, 2006

See! - I do make quilts in other colours too :o)

We had the most awesome thunderstorm at about 4.15 this morning - I thought the roof was coming in it felt that close - you know the old kids trick of counting between the flash and the clap to see how many miles away it is - well I didn't count to many I can tell you.

A bit unfortunate as I hadn't gone to bed until almost midnight and was due up for swimming with DD1 at 5.45am - still we made it and I managed 20 lengths today, all breast stroke except one back crawl which was a real killer :o( but I did it and am duly proud.

After work today I've been round to the leisure centre and taken out family membership for me and the kids - no point doing it for DH as it's not cost effective for the few times he'll use it, we'll just pay his swim fee separately. But for the rest of us it doesn't take many visits to make on it especially as the two younger ones are already having lessons which will now be included in the membership fee - it'll probably make us get off our butts a bit more and will be great for the summer break to quell the "I'm bored!!!" cries.

This is a quilt I made around the same time as the blue lap quilts but this one was for my nan who sadly passed away about two or three months after receiving it (no connection there I hope :o) ) but I like to think it kept her frail 84 year old legs warm in her wheelchair during the last winter of her life. It's in her favourite colours with dogs all over it - the one thing she loved above most others. A quick and easy pattern of square in a square where you match the existing block with a square of the same size, slit the square diagonally and press the four triangles out - you chop off all the points each time but it's ever so quick and easy to do. This was the first one I stitched onto fleece and in answer to someones query it didn't seem to stretch at all, in fact I used less safety pins as there was little slipping about because the cotton top kinda stuck to the fleece when I sandwiched them. My mum (her daughter) has it now - that's as it should be as she's the eldest of Nan's nine children so it's only right it came back to her.

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Dawn said...

Oh I love your nan's quilt of dogs! My daughter would love it! Have you ever seen the dog quilt I made Emily? Hmmm, can't find it - guess I need to post a picture to share with you!