Friday, June 23, 2006

First name completed - I've been sussed!

Well my husband has now discovered my deepest darkest secret ....................................

I will take any opportunity to put just one more stitch into something

He could not believe this morning when we had a spare ten minutes before setting off for school that I actually sat down at the sewing machine and stitched! Admittedly in his opinion I should have been emptying the dishwasher - but hey, why have three slaves (oops sorry, children) and not use them. Anyway we're teaching them the meaning of responsibility by making them help out round the house. Plus there's got to be some payback for a 'one off Liverpool FA Cup winners quilt' hasn't there?

So Harry Kewell is now immortalised in red and white fabric :o)

The photo only shows his first name as a size comparison against the title letters - but he is finished - honestly! It's just that DH took the camera away to camp with them before I managed to get the last couple of 'l's on the end.

I felt quite bereft when the three of them set off leaving DD1 and I here at the house - mind you he has just phoned me to tell me he's not even made it to Wellington (eight miles away) half an hour later as there is a blockage on the motorway so everyone is travelling on the alternative trunk road instead. Normally the journey would only take about an hour in total - oh dear :o(

Hopefully things won't be as busy tomorrow. Unfortunately for him he does have the younger 'Are we anywhere near there yet?' two in the car with him. I think he will be sorely in need of a cold beer when he gets there. Purely in the interests of lubrication while putting up the tent you understand!

So that's one name down - thirteen to go :o)

I could actually get cheesed off with these letters quite quickly - I have a very low boredom threshold which is why I seldom tend to make single block repetitive quilts. However alternating a bit of Liverpool lettering and a bit of blue bullseye blocking is making both move steadily along without me completely losing interest

Having seen these two offerings taking shape DD2 has now decided she wants a new quilt too - fair enough. So after browsing through a few magazines she's decided on 'something with colourful squares'

I can feel a scrappy liberated log cabin/courthouse steps in pinks, blues and lilacs coming on.

This liberated piecing is such fun - who needs to match points anyway?


kim said...

Congratulations! Isn't it a nice feeling to be able to check something off your checklists! Keep up the good work.
:-) Kim

Fiona said...

I can see now how you are going to fit all those names in.
P.S. I've left a comment for you on my blog with the timtex supplier details.

Lois R. said...

Here here! Down with matching points! Up with liberated logs!

Judy said...

Anne, you daughter might like the Liberated log cabins that Jan at be*mused is making right now. You can find her on my side bar link through my blog. Her's are super colorful and bright.

Love the letters, they are coming along quite well! Can't wait to see the finished top!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Well HARRY looks pretty good from this angle - LOL. I think you have a great idea to intersperse your letter sewing with another project. Good luck for the rest of your weekend - you have a real gift for telling a story and I'm sure the 'story' which is still to unfold will be well worth the read early next week.
Gail L.

Lily said...

Great Harry. Very good numbers too.

Wouldn't it be funny if Harry kicked the winning goal against England in the Final!!! LOL

Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Wow - you've moved right along on this project. Looking really good!

Tonya R said...

Another liberated quilting convert - woohooooooo. The future log cabin sounds luscious.

I get bored with letters too after awhile. Thought I was going to scream when I was making my bed quilt. Your "Harry" looks marvelous.

Holly said...

Anne, your letters are looking great! I look forward to watching the progress on this quilt. Thank you for visiting my blog :)

Lily said...

Hey Anne - go England! Well done on beating Ecuador. I'm tellin' ya - England v Australia for the final :)

joyce said...

The letters are looking great. I too get bored with making them and work on something else at the same time.