Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Lulu's Snuggly

I tried to put these pictures on last night but for some reason the computer didn't want to play. Has anyone ever made one of those quilts where you stitch both the front and back at the same time and then snip the raw seams and fluff them up in the washing machine - no idea what the name of the techniqye is but gave it a go here.

Ever since she was tiny my littlest monster has always loved the feel of things - soft toys can be as ugly as sin but if they feel right they're right there at the top of her list. On the flip side of this no matter how pretty,cute,adorable any one might be if it doesn't feel soft out it goes.

She was with me one time and took a liking to the feel of flannel - I never stitch in flannel - so one day I came across some sale FQs in flannel in the brightest colours imaginable and popped them into my shopping trolley

This was the result - the yellow side is the flannel 'soft and silky' front with all those clipped seams. The other side uses some fabrics I had knocking about in the house, some of which were jumble sale clothes so were well washed and quite soft in their own way.

It only measures about 30" square - by that time my hands were blistered and all my scissors complaining bitterly about clipping those seams so I called it a day. I can categorically state I will never use this technique again but it was fun while it lasted (ish!) and she loves it.

Just goes to show it fits in with her remit - no matter how ugly it may look if it feels soft it'll pass muster :o) - and it sure aint pretty!

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Dawn said...

The snuggly is so fun and comfy looking!