Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The RED!!! has arrived

Right - I will apologise to those of you who are sick to the back teeth already of the World Cup and the 'F' word - FOOTBALL!

I mentioned a little while on a comment on Fiona's blog that I'd ordered some red fabric from the States to make DS Nick a Liverpool FC quilt - his favourite football team. They won the English FA Cup last month much to his delight and so my intention is to make him an FA Cup quilt in Tonya's letters with the names of the whole squad made in the club colours of bright red, white and possibly a little bit of yellow.

I'm not big on washing fabric before I start working on it - I'll give the stock excuse that I like the feel of unwashed fabric but really it's bone-idleness and plain impatience to cut straight into it. However as this is so RED!!!!!! I think a quick wash with a colour catcher in the washing machine would be a pretty good idea - especially as it'll be with white letters and I'm sure he won't want them all to turn pink in the first wash - not very macho!

I had to go to the Post Office sorting office to collect this parcel as I was out when they tried to deliver it and it was too large to go through the letterbox - so the kids had to come with me and of course they were curious about the contents so I had to tell him what it was for - well that'll be the biggest motivator as he'll nag the pants off me until it's done :o(

Went swimming yet again today - straight after work before collecting the kids - determined to make the most of this membership. I managed 24 lengths today, 4 of which were back crawl - really good for me - that's 4 days on the trot and I can feel a tangible improvement already - must be doing me good and I'm getting to the stage now that I can swim without having to put every effort of concentration into it so I can let my mind wander onto other things too which makes it feel like real relaxation.

Oh and I cut out 4 more blue bullseye blocks in a spare 5 minutes before I set off for work this morning - might even get them stitched this evening between ferrying the kids here and there and feeding all the brutes :o) DH is at a School Governors meeting this teatime so I'm on sole taxi duty


Pam said...

Sounds like you're doing great with the swimming. As soon as the water warms up I am going to get swimming myself. (That's my excuse for now)

Good luck with the new red quilt and letters - but I think at the rate you're making quilts you should be finished by tomorrow afternoon. LOL

JudyL said...

I'm glad you decided to wash that red! Can't wait to see the quilt.

Keep up the good work (swimming!)

Judy L.

Fiona said...

Nice red! Like you I rarely wash new fabric unless it's very dark. The only thing I would say about not washing is...if the letters are going to be white or light there is a risk they might turn pink! Pink + teenage boy = possible bad combination.

anne bebbington said...

Fiona - he's only 10 so far - if the nagging gets bad enough he won't make 11 (VVVBG)

anne bebbington said...

Fiona - he's only 10 so far - if the nagging gets bad enough he won't make 11 (VVVBG)VVVBG)

Fiona said...

Whoops - making him old before his time. I did think about scrolling down your past posts to check but decided to walk on the wild (and incorrect) side :-)

Lily said...

Ummm yup. Good call on washing that beautiful red fabric before you start - pink letters down the track just would NOT do!! LOL

Yummy fabric though :)

Dawn said...

Ummm, Liverpool huh! My son love the Arsenal - although I know hardly anything about them! :)