Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two down - twelve to go

Well Daddy offered to take the two younger ones to their swimming lesson last night as he had to pop over to the other side of town for something so decided to kill two birds with the one stone

I had every intention of knocking some chores on the head - weekend away, washing pile - you get my drift and then I was seduced by this footballing Spaniard :o)

Okay, okay - before the censors pull the 'X' certificate out of their pockets it was only the promise of stitching a certain Senor Morientes' name for DS's quilt that actually lured me away from more boring things.

Once I started I couldn't stop and by the time the three of them returned from the pool I was just about to start on that final 'S'

Fernando's is the longest name I have to do so it's all downhill from here :o)


Lois R. said...

12 More? Wow! You're an ambitious lady! They're looking great.

Pam said...

Looking really good.

You are going to be the Queen of Letters by the end of this! You can travel around England teaching all the quilter how to do the letters!! That could be your new job.

Judy said...

The letters are looking really good!! SO are the blue bullets!!

Can't wait to see them finsihed!

Anne Wigfull said...

Did you say how you were doing these, Anne? I'm assuming appliqué but I learned long ago never to assume. Not -gasp- *piecing*...traitor:)

Laura said...

Wow, you are coming along really quickly! They are addicting once you get started, that is for sure.