Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Spot the deliberate mistake - you have to laugh!

Ten points to the first one to spot which letter this should have been out of the word 'WINNERS' - what a muppet!

Don't you just love reverse stitching - not!

That'll teach me for paying too much attention to the Germany v Ecuador match and too little attention to my stitching :o)

Just need to beat Sweden tonight or at least draw and we'll get Ecuador in the next round rather than the home team Germany :o)

Nearly drove to the wrong school this morning - oh I must concentrate - roll on next week when I only have one to think about at once :o)

Busy weekend coming up this weekend - when is it not?

We should all have been going into Devon with the trailer tent to an adventure park with loads of zip slides and clambering structures etc with all the families of DS's football crowd

I say should as DD1 has been selected from her rugby region for the Personal Development Academy programme - a real honour - only 110 girls across England are selected.

This involves two single day training sessions with top rank coaches up at Worcester - 110 miles in the opposite direction! Of course the first of these two is on Saturday - typical!

Fortunately one of her regional friends who lives about 30 miles nearer to it than us has suggested we travel together and leave our car at their house so we will go up Saturday morning with them, returning later in the day and then Sarah and I will continue down into Devon in the evening hopefully to join the big camp just in time to join in with the barbecue

Obviously this is such a good opportunity for her that we can't miss it but of course it means that DH and the two younger ones will go down on their own after school on Friday and he will have to put up the trailer tent on his own - hope the other Dads are a friendly helpful bunch as we don't know any of them that well. Still at least DD1 and I will be able to help put it down again on Sunday. Don't you wish sometimes that you could cut yourself into two

So as you can imagine we're praying for a fine weekend with minimal traffic on the motorways :o)

By Sunday night I shall be just about fit to drop!


Anne Wigfull said...

Putting you out of your misery, Anne, neither trad or reverse applique. The Exploding Circles on my blog were fused fabric, circles cut out and then 'exploded' and arranged on background, fused down and stitched.
I never know where to put replies to questions, hope this is OK.

Judy said...

I'm going to guess the "s" because I had the most troble getting that one right when I made one. I kept wanting to pu on the sides and forgetting to finish all the swoops first! It was a confusing letter for me.

Did I guess right?

anne bebbington said...

Nope - it was the E - how basic should that be?!?!? for me to get right!

Felicity said...

I wouldn't have guessed but I shouldn't take on anything like this as I would go round the bend trying to work it all out!
Your life is so busy, I'm a lazy lump compared!!
To answer your question Anne (thanks for the comments BTW!) the couple really needed to money for the house as they are now renting apartments (tres expensive here) but they were such hoarders they probably couldn't manage to find space to take it all! Our gain though, some things have been really useful and saved us money having to buy them :)!

Patty said...

Oh is there a mistake there ? I am such a novice I didn't even spot one : )

Lily said...

I thought 'e' then I thought no 's' and then I thought what the hell do I know? I haven't even attempted letters yet!!!!!!!!!!!!

And lordy - 172 more letters?

Go the socceroos (Australian team)!!

YankeeQuilter said...

I can't tell you how many mistakes have made their way into the scrap bag since I've started letters! A few I'v put on the ironing board and just stared at trying to remember what I was trying to do in the first place!