Friday, June 16, 2006

More letters and a real challenge

Today has been hot and very humid here in Taunton, I 'worked' this morning at a little primary school I'm doing holiday cover for. The worked is in inverted commas as it was so quiet that I spent the best part of the morning ringing for information and applying for several vacancies which have just cropped up in the area - so we'll see!

I fully intended to swim this afternoon but after leaving work I had to call into a school on the way home to collect an application pack. The existing secretary, who the successful applicant would be working alongside, kept me waiting for half an hour pratting around sorting out the paperwork to such an extent that I might have reservations if the job were offered to me - funny, but you sometimes just get that feeling - we'll see, I have to apply as I can't afford not to investigate it further, but it did make me feel a bit suspicious. School offices particularly in primary schools generally have maybe two or three staff at most so any working relationship can be stretched to the limit if things don't go swimmingly (pardon the pun)

Anyway as a result of this delay my solo swim went out of the window so that didn't endear her to me either. I did go along with the kids straight from school and managed another 14 lengths - I may keep a tally of all this and tot it up as I go along just to see how long it takes me to say swim the Atlantic :o) I think I'm up to 110 lengths so far which at 33 metres is...................... a jolly long way - too tired to work it out now :o) (Actually it's over three and a half kms in just a week - blimey!)

I've done a little stitching tonight - part way along the next line of 'FA Cup Winners' and it looks as though the 2006 will have to go down onto a third line - I stopped tonight as I would be tackling the 'w' next and if I remember that's a fairly complicated arrangement so not one to do when you're tired. I also feel as though I may be starting with a summer cold - hope not - but my head is a little cotton-wool like so best not to spoil things by pushing it at this time of night.

I'm not going to attach these lines at present as I may put them down the bottom of the quilt yet. I am going to find out the words to a song that Liverpool fans always sing at matches - 'You'll never walk alone' - as I think it would be rather fitting to quilt that all over the quilt in my writing quilting. I'm sure I'll find it somewhere on the net.

At a risk of you super duper piecers out there thinking I'm completely mad I thought I'd show off my real achievement tonight - those highly complex and very difficult 4" quarter square triangle blocks in grey and cream - WOW!!!!!

Seriously though folks, Tonya's letters have been like a breath of fresh air to me because an accurate piecer I am not. These little grey and cream blocks were pure torture to me - I only had to make eight for the next stage of an on line challenge I'm doing (remember the butterflies) and I hated every minute of it - challenge is just the right word. Still they're done now and I can retreat back into my comfort zone of applique and liberated piecing :o) Actually I think I'll retreat to bed right now with a hot lemon and whisky and see if I can head off this cold at the start. Goodnight all - weekend tomorrow - yippee!


joyce said...

The letters are looking great.Can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Passionate Quilter said...

looks like you are doing a good job so far! I have just thought about it you are one step ahead of me!

Dawn said...

It is HOT here too! In the 90's and humid, humid, humid! I made a beach bag today - now if I had a beach to go to! :) I"ll show it tomorrow if I get time.

Liverpool - hmmm, still thinking about that - Adam still thinks it should be Arsenal!

YankeeQuilter said...

I know what you mean about the "sixth" sense when meeting folks you may work with! Hopefully she was just as nervous about meeting you and that caused her confusion!

The letters look great!


Darlene - Dazed Quilter said...

Thank you for visiting my blog - I'll be popping in to visit yours on a regular basis. Lots of great posts and pics to look at!

Doodlebug Gail said...

Hi - I'm thoroughly enjoying reading about your swimming. What a motivator you are, bet you didn't know that! I'm sure I could get across a pool width - good motivation for starting I suppose.

Listen to your "funny feeling" about working with that lady if you do get offered the position.

Gail L.

Lily said...

It's looking great Anne. Pretty darn fine work for an 'applique-er'!!

Have you given your son a sneak peek?

He'll be stoked :)

Tonya R said...

Letters look great. You know W doesn't have to be hard. Just make it like an E and knock it over on its side...