Friday, May 18, 2007

And the applique finishes the top

What an exciting day Friday turned out to be at work...

Our new desks arrived - Yippee!!!

Yes I know this may sound very sad to you but when I tell you that since September I've been managing on a flat topped table measuring less than 5ft wide by 2'6" deep with no drawers and having to share that space with my monitor, keyboard, mouse, pen tidy, stack of trays and several of those plastic stand up magazine racks to contain all my ongoing paperwork and belongings you can see why a new desk is such a delight. To have drawers to put away my pens and stop any itinerant teachers picking them up and walking off with them will be joy enough!

By moving the photocopier and relocating my colleague to the other side of a short supporting wall I've managed to fit in a corner desk and adjoining set of drawers that's big enough to hold a party on!

Learning a new job is always difficult but this particular one has been made doubly so by a rubbish work station and the constant fear of having so little surface to work on that the risk of losing a vital bit of paper due to it becoming accidentally clipped to the back of something else has been very real indeed.

Hopefully my new area will mean I can do the job much more efficiently and finally get a bit of a grip on things :o)

So having spent the morning helping our handyman remove the old furniture and install the new I came home fired up full of enthusiasm to get straight on with the applique on my log cabin piece.

The top is now ready for sandwiching.

Also in the post yesterday was my final Autumn block - I hope she won't mind me saying it but the lady who made this one was very reluctant to join the swap as she felt she was too much of a beginner.

Well I reckon for a beginner or any other level of quilting she's made a pretty good job of these flying geese and I'm delighted to have them in my quilt

So that's the Autumn quadrant done

Now to wait for everyone's winter blocks - so long as they're not accompanied by wintry weather :o)

PS - I did promise to hold the draw for the purple bag I made to celebrate my first blogiversary. When I was stitching the pink buttons in the middle of the yoyos never did I dream how far it would have to travel.

It's been won by Lori aka Elkhoundmom who is currently in Macao so if she'd care to email me with her snail mail address I'll pop it into the post to her at the beginning of next week.

I only wish I'd had 32 bags to give away - I'd have liked to send one to each of you but even at the speed I sometimes work that would have been a bit of a tall order :o)


paula, the quilter said...

That appliqué vine just finishes off the log cabin. Makes me think of kudzu .

joyce said...

You are incredibly fast at applique. That would be a winter's project for me! It looks wonderful. Congrats on the new work station. A proper desk certainly makes life easier.

Jen said...
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Hedgehog said...

Wow! That was quick with the applique!! Looks beautiful.

Libby said...

Nothing like a good place to work to make the tasks more efficient. The applique is just right - love it.

Tanya said...

I really like that Log Cabin block! What a great accent for some corner of the house! I've never really thought about adding applique to piecing though I don't know why I'm so dense. It is really lovely. The Seasons quilt is looking good too! Congratulations to Lori!

Rose Marie said...

Now that I seen your log cabin, ideas are popping in my head to do applique on a tradional block. It's lovely!

Fiona said...

The log cabin looks good - I'm like you - I can't feel 'settled' unless I've got a reasonable workspace, but corner spaces are my favourite - absolutely hate it if my desk is in the middle of the room.

atet said...

Those applique leaves really set off the log cabin blocks. What a great little quilt.

And yes, a proper work surface can make all the difference in the world at work. Not only makes you more efficient, it just plain makes going into work more enjoyable!

And your reluctant swapper shouldn't be -- her block is fantastic!

Dawn said...

Oh your little applique quilt is wonderful! But I loved it even before you got the leaves on it!

YankeeQuilter said...

I love log cabin blocks...the vine/leaves really sets this one off. Nice job!

Glad to hear you are getting your work space sorted out!

meggie said...

Your work is all so bloody gorgeous!
Excuse the 'bloody', but sometimes, you know, just for emphasis!

ForestJane said...

I love the leaves going thru that... I think you ought to make another with oak and maple and autumn leaves to go with your autumn themed blocks. :)