Thursday, May 10, 2007

Little bits of this and that

Lots of bits and bobs done today on the sewing front.
Machine piecing
My autumn block for the Four Seasons swap
These are the four Spring blocks
And the four Summer blocks
And finally three of the four Autumn blocks - now I need to figure out what to do for my final Winter block.
It's fun working on something with such an eclectic mix of colours and styles - deciding what to do for the sashings and borders will be a challenge in itself
Then this evening I decided to do some 'crazy' patchwork style embroidery in random colours on the seams of my 365day challenge quilt - I'm bang up to date again having caught up with the backlog on this from my visitors over the weekend
I'm enjoying doing this - more writing and drawing than stitching but it's a challenge deciding what to write and draw about each day


atet said...

What lovely blocks, but yes, I can see the sashing and borders being a challenge.

I admire the persistence it takes to do the 365 challenge, not sure I could do it.

meggie said...

Wow Anne! could you send me a little of your energy??LOL.
You seem to accomplish so much. And it is all excellent.

Juliann in WA said...

Love your 365 blocks. The colors are really fun.

Clare said...

What is that you've written about Our Loyal Leader? I got terrible giggles yesterday listening to his resignation speech, especially when the commentator on Radio 4 said that it brought tears to people's eyes. Oh dear - must learn to be polite and well behaved when out and about (I'm still laughing).

Screen Door said...

Great blocks in the challenge. I Like what you've done with the colored pens. I can't wait tile June 1st. I'm starting mine.

Libby said...

Love your blocks - the swap sounds like a lot of fun.

Sandy said...

I really like your crazy patchwork style embroidery. Do you also embroider the lettering or just leave the writing as is? I would love to do a whole quilt like that and it would be fun to read the squares in years to come.