Monday, May 28, 2007

And the rain just kept on coming

10pm ................ The telephone rang.....................

"It's the Cub Leader here, Louise isn't feeling very well, could you come and collect her please"

So off we drove, half an hour on pitch black roads (they don't go in for street-lighting much in rural Somerset) through the lashing rain and howling winds to collect not one but two children.

When we got there Nick, who'd been give the option to stay or go with his sister, had decided that he also felt exhausted and rotten so a night in a warm dry bed was preferable to being kept awake by the vile weather.

Back home, into a nice warm bath and then straight to bed.

In hind sight this morning they probably could've both stayed, they weren't poorly just totally shattered - in fact I think they wished they had stayed.

However, when Nick eventually surfaced just after 12 noon, Nigel headed back to the camp with them to salvage what was left of the afternoon, collect their belongings that had to stay there last night to avoid disturbing their sleeping beauty mates and to help pack up camp.

Despite the over 2 inches of rain and howling winds that had swept across the airfield they were camping on (this is a random picture from the net but you get my drift);

Despite Louise getting stuck in a portaloo because the privacy barrier that had been constructed in front of it got blown across her door with her in it - she had to scream and shout until some other passing scouts came to her rescue (thank God it happened with her in it rather than just entering it);

Despite coming home early last night, they both had a brilliant time and can't wait to go again next year.

Sarah and I stayed at home instead and after nipping to the supermarket for bread, milk and some other basics I decided I'd have a go at something I spotted on Anne-Heidi's blog

All these thrift-shop shirts have yielded quite a crop of buttons, so here's their new home - a converted kilner preserving jar.

I've got quite a few of these jars left in the garage - think I can feel some more conversions coming on


Juliann in WA said...

Oh my! What an adventure you all have had. Love your button jar.

Penny said...

You must have been so worried to get the phone call: I'm glad she was all right.

It is really nerve-wrecking letting them go off, isn't it: my 10yo set off for her first Guide camp this morning, and I'm been very aware of her Not Being Home.

Dawn said...

I think I would have liked a warm dry bed too! Yuck! I'm a fair weather outdoor person!

atet said...

Oh my -- the dedication of a parent. I hope you at least got a really big hug and kiss out of that trip! Then again, my idea of camping involves a hotel/motel and at a minimum a nearby resturaunt that delivers!

Love your conversion jar -- simple and effective. Think I might have to "borrow" that idea.

Clare said...

The daughter of the owner of the gite I look after was down here at the beginning of the month. She got a phone call from her 15 year old daughter to say she had been sent home from camp as 2 girls had been misbehaving so the leaders struck camp had sent everyone home without phoning any of the parents. Anna's Mum was here in France and her dad was on a Cub Scouts weekend camp. Luckily she went round to a friend's house, but can you imagine!

I love the triangles - the colours are beautiful - my sort of thing. Have forgotten. Did you dye them yourself? Glad we aren't the only people getting rained out - the pool is nearly overflowing and I thought the roof was going to blow off on Friday. Have a good week.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

We haven't had even a drop of rain here since Easter and everything is dried up and turning brown... perhaps we should schedule a camping outing. Glad your children are OK, that look miserable to me, one of the many reasons I've never been fond of camping out! You button jar is lovely, the photo is grand.

Lily said...

Crikey Anne - that's a lot of rain! My year nine camp was just like that too :)

Lovely finish on your confetti quilt - might give that a go one day :)

Libby said...

There's the lure of the great outdoors and then there's the sensibility of a warm, dry bed - that always wins in my book *s*

Fiona said...

Camping? In the rain? Not my idea of fun. I think you are right though, when my DD used to go to Guide Camps she came back exhausted - probably only had an hour's sleep the whole time she was there. I am amazed to see the rain, we've been to Carlisle for the weekend, if it's going to rain anywhere it will rain there - and it didn't! My in-laws don't watch television so I didn't have the faintest idea what the weather was like in the rest of the country.

meggie said...

The button jar is brilliant.
So glad the children were ok, & ready to do it again!