Thursday, May 03, 2007

My Dream Quilt

I was browsing through the blogs I generally wander through most days and came across something on Clare's blog - Stashbuster Topic of the Week.

I'm not a member of the Stashbuster blog ring but I do often have a wander through as some of them are also Mavericks.

Clare's post made me sit back and think ................

What would I class as my dream quilt?

I admire a huge amount of different quilters and their gorgeous work, both professionals and amateurs alike. Lots of the quilts I see on different people's blogs catch my eye and I often save the images in my 'Quilt Ideas' file to use as future inspiration.

However there is one lady whose work simply blows me away.

Her colours are right up my street. Her piecing is superb and her machine quilting is awesome. The quilting is all the more impressive as she works on the most gigantic quilts using just a sweet little Bernie 1090 like mine.

Who is this lady? Why it's Carol Bryer Fallert of course

And here is my absolute favourite although I would be hard pressed not to take several of her pieces of work home with me given the opportunity and the bank balance.

New Dawn 2000 Yours for a cool $34,000.00

I love this one so much I saved the image of it onto my screen wallpaper at one time just to drool over each time I switched on the machine.

So come on girls tell the rest of us which quilt you really covet.


atet said...

I've seen her work -- it is stunning! I've even tried one of her patterns that was in a magazine. Have you seen her fabrics?

joyce said...

I agree with you about Carol's work. Some people at our local quilt store dismiss her because she does some fusing but I think that is ridiculous. Her colors are amazing. There are also some incredible Japanese quilters.

Connie said...

I saw Caryl's quilts last week in Paducah and they're GORGEOUS...but my dream quilt to own would be "Precious Water" by Hollis my opinion one of our most talented contemporary quilters today. She won Best of Show at Houston a few years ago with this quilt. I saw it again at her exhibit at the museum in Paducah and it was hard to imagine actually making a quilt that awesome.

Quinta da Quilter said...

Awesome quilt - the dream quilt!

Do you have a pattern for the Confetti Quilt you made?


Shelina said...

That is a gorgeous quilt. There are so many gorgeous quilts though that there is no way I could pick one.

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I love everything...but wow, $34,000 for a quilt! Do people really pay that! Tracey

Clare said...

Thanks for the link. $34,000 for a quilt (crumples in a heap) but it is gorgeous.

meggie said...

That quilt is amazing. All of her work is quite stunning. Thanks for the link.

Melinda said...

I visited Carol's studio last year and she now quilts on a longarm. I think it is an APQS. Doesn't she do beautiful work?