Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spot the deliberate mistake and another close call

Well with two children away this weekend the house has been much quieter than normal.
None of the usual sibling scraps between the two youngest. We have had the odd disagreement between the eldest and her dad about maths revision - she has her first exam a week Monday, the first day back and thinks that she can revise at the last minute. Dad is obviously trying to adjust her attitude as she waits!!! She is taking her maths GCSE a year early as she's in the top set. Heavens above - if she makes this much fuss revising for one subject, who knows what she'll be like next year working for the other nine! Tin hats and flak jackets at the ready next year I think.
Yesterday afternoon Sarah was at work so Nigel and I had the afternoon to ourselves. Personally I prefer to go fabric and quilt hunting but as there was nothing local I was happy to let him indulge himself looking at trains again - it keeps him happy and I just enjoy the peaceful time together without the kids - to be honest I'd go and look at a sewage farm if it meant an afternoon sans enfants!
We visited the West Somerset Railway which travels between Bishops Lydeard on the outskirts of Taunton and Minehead on the coast
He got to change the signals and also have a drive of a tiny engine which had formerly been used to move extracted peat cut for fuel on the Somerset Levels.
Today though because the rain was coming down hard enough for Noah to start looking for a launch site we stayed home and I did manage to get in some quality quilting time.
Can you spot the deliberate mistake?
Glad I realised I'd stitched over the orange triangle before it was too late to rectify it
Anyway I managed to complete all the quilting with slightly different dancing triangles in the piano key border and went on to work out how much of the black/lilac mottled fabric I'd need .................. 17" square
And what width was that last bit of the fabric?
Yes you've guessed it - another close call!
A nice afternoon on the sofa watching the New Zealanders win the Rugby Sevens at a very soggy Twickenham gave me ample opportunity to hand stitch the binding down and here it is done!
Just as an after thought in case you're a little worried about our two youngest facing the cruel elements at the Scout Jamboree camp - worry not!
One of the parents went up to the camp this afternoon as it was her Cub's birthday and she was taking a cake for our troup/pack to enjoy (no, she wasn't taking enough for all 1800 children) - she called on us as she left and I did send her with some spare dry clothes just in case.
Good job too - Louise was fine, lots of spare trousers to keep any soaked legs nice and dry. Nicholas on the other hand had only packed one pair of trousers - I've probably told you before he's a strictly 'shorts for all weathers' man. However the foul heavy rain and driving wind we've had today proved just too much for him and she found him feeling a bit sorry for himself trying to keep warm helping out in the cook tent.
As much as he insists he should always wear shorts I don't think anyone could've been more thankful to receive a pair of warm and dry track suit bottoms :o)


gwen said...

Congratualtions on your confetti quilt. Beautiful and the quilting is just great. I like the triangle loops (!!??) and I think it is just right for a modern looking quilt like yours. Take care.

Hedgehog said...

I'm quilting my confetti quilt today, too - not nearly as brave as you, though, with the machine quilting! Looks great! Thanks again for the inspiration!

computerpeach said...

Thank you for the inspiration for the confetti quilt. When things settle after my move, I will definitely have to do one with my batiks.

Juliann in WA said...

I love the quilting on your confetti quilt. Is it marked or did you do that freehand?

meggie said...

Wonderful bright happy quilt!
We always worry about our offspring, no matter how old or tough they are!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Lovely quilting, I concur! I have a son who is a "shorts for all seasons" kind of guy, too... even now, at almost 27 years old it's as if he thinks he has something to prove when it's cold and freezing and everyone else has the good sense to wear long pants! ;) But, whatcha gonna do?

Tanya said...

Good for you Mom! Thinking ahead! I love the confetti quilt! The colors are so beautiful and I'm making a note of how your did the quilting. I could not spot the mistake even after looking at it for quite awhile. Your quilting is exquisite!

Kim said...

The quilt looks marvelous!

tami said...

Beautiful confetti quilt. I really like it with the batiks. Glad you had a good time on your weekend without kids. :-D

Carol E. said...

The quilt looks wonderful! I love it!

atet said...

Love the confetti quilt -- such fun and bright colors.

Your son sounds like many of my students. I look at them and just shiver -- but I do notice they manage to find pants when the weather gets below 0 (F not C).

joyce said...

The quilt is gorgeous. Glad you had a nice quiet weekend.

Dawn said...

I love, love, love the triangle quilt! It is wonderful!

Kathy Wagner said...

Beautiful! You must be so happy with your quilt! I love how your quilting is in keep with the triangle theme...great job!

Judy said...

Looks very cool! Wonderful colors and love the quilting design!