Friday, May 11, 2007

Blues and bears - a big thank you to Nancy

I've had a really, really flat and dismal day today - no idea why.......

Made some progress at work, both with pushing the usual paper across the desk and also with the office reorganisation

The kids and Nigel were all fine

I just felt really hacked off with the world - so low I just couldn't lift my chin up off the floor - couldn't even be bothered to pick up a needle and thread - not at all like me

Until I showed Nigel and Sarah this lovely photo of a bear in Nancy's backgarden

A few seconds later as Sarah had settled back into the seat on the computer next to me Nigel crept up behind her and did a BIG BEAR GROWL!!!

She shot ten foot up into the air in fright and boy did I laugh!!!

Thank you Nancy, inadvertently with Nigel you've brightened up a very sombre day :o)


Jane Weston said...

I have days like that too...blame it on the rain! I do.
It's great when something mundane shakes us into laughter.


Doodlebug Gail said...

We all have days like that Ann - here's a (((HUG))) for you.

Dawn said...

What a great story! And I know Nancy will love it!

Sandy said...

We all have days like that too and it's nice when the simple things can make us laugh and brighten up the day. Glad you came over to read my jokes. I publish them on my blog when I have nothing much to say too, a day much like your blue day and someone emails me jokes that make me laugh I pass the laughter on.
Come back and visit sometime.

Jeanne said...

Here comes a {{hug}} Anne >>>>>>>
Hope today is a little brighter.

Nancy in MT said...

You're welcome Anne, whatever me and the bears can do to lift ones spirits, they do that for me every day.